windmaster spray guns orchard, tree, and car wash spray guns since 1939

Windmaster Spray Guns have been used across America for over 70 years. This time-tested design will provide years of quality service in your orchard, greenhouse, farm, landscape business, tree spraying business or car wash. We also have replacement parts for your older spray guns to bring them back to like new condition.

Shade Tree

This is the largest of the Windmaster Spray Guns. It is especially effective on very high trees such as Cherry, Walnut, Elm and other shade trees. Can be used in a narrow stream to reach highest tree tops as well as a dense fog to reach lower areas.


As the name implies, this spray gun is ideal for reaching the tops of the highest fruit trees. While still able to produce the swirling, penetrating, and dense fog that the Windmaster Spray Gun has been widely known for since the late 1940’s.

Car Wash

This spray gun is the most compact of the three styles. It is great for landscapers for shrubs, small to medium trees and lawn care. It is also used in service stations and repair facilities to clean heavy duty equipment.


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