Windmaster Spray Guns Frequently Asked Questions.

Is this the same Windmaster Spray Gun that was manufactured and sold from Hood River, Oregon since the 1950’s? 

Yes. This is the same spray gun and the parts still fit older units. It is now being manufactured in Granite Falls, Washington. There have been several improvements mechanically but the spray gun still has the great swirling spray pattern.

Which size Windmaster Spray Gun do I need?

The size depends on the type of intended spraying. Shrubs and low level plantings can be easily accommodated with the Car Wash/ Shrubbery Spray Gun and it is also useful for washing industrial equipment because of its smaller size, which makes in more maneuverable in tight spaces. Fruit trees and medium height trees are easy to reach with the Orchard Spray Gun. For tall trees the best product is the Shade Tree Spray Gun.

Should I order the Aluminum Tube or the Stainless Steel Tube on my Windmaster Spray Gun?

The Aluminum tube has the advantage of being slightly lighter than the Stainless Steel Tube. The Aluminum model has been upgraded in chemical resistance and appearance from the original Windmaster Spray Gun by adding blue anodizing finish to the aluminum parts. The Stainless Steel model is an upgrade to the chemical resistance and the durability of the Windmaster Spray Guns. This has made the Windmaster Spray Gun even longer lasting than it was before. Both have the same operating characteristics.

Which size Orifice or Nozzle should I order for my Windmaster Spray Gun?

The answer depends on what material is being sprayed, how much spray is being applied and, how high you are attempting to spray. You can get some beginning information from the chart on Flow Rate and Distance. Compare the pressure you are spraying at with the orifice or nozzle size in the chart and you will have a starting point. You will need to adjust the figures with the viscosity of the material you are spraying and the capacity of the pump you are using. The chart is using generic flow rate information based on water.

How do I disassemble the Windmaster Spray Gun with Loctite sealed joints?

The tube WM-04 and the Packing Box WM-16 are assembled with Loctite #242 Blue Medium Strength sealant. A small propane torch can be used to heat the joint area to between 300° F and 500° F; disassemble while hot. The Stop Screw, WM-11 is assembled to the Control Screw, WM-08 with Loctite #262 Red High Strength Sealant. Use the same method as above to remove these components. Cleaning the parts after they cool is important to get the entire residue off the threads before attempting to re-assemble any of the parts.

What is the preferred sealant for assembling the Windmaster Spray Gun?

At Windmaster Spray Guns we use Loctite products #242 and #262. They work best when used in conjunction with Loctite Primer. Please refer to the Loctite website for directions on use and safety while using Loctite products.

My Windmaster Spray Gun is not sealing completely when I shut off the handle. What do I replace?

There are several issues with this challenge. Number 1, there could be debris stuck between the Seal WM-12 and the Cone WM-03 or WM-17. If it is possible, disconnect the spray gun from the pressure hose, take off the Cap WM-01 and the Orifice WM-15XX, open the Handle WM-07, take compressed air and blow back through the Cone WM-03 and see if the debris can be dislodged. Number 2, remove the Cone WM-03 or WM-17 and inspect the Seal WM-12 and the inside surface of the Cone to see if there is damage to the sealing surfaces. Replace components as needed. Number 3, while the Cone WM-03 or WM-17 is removed, check to see if the Control Screw WM-08 turns independently from the Handle WM-07 and the Rod WM-09-XX. If it does turn independently, it needs to be disassembled, cleaned and the rod needs to be cleaned and then reassembled with Loctite #262 Red High Strength Sealant. Let the parts cure for two to four hours before reassembling the spray gun and let the parts finish curing for 24 hours before applying pressure to the spray gun.

My Windmaster Spray Gun is leaking around the handle when I use it. How do I fix it?

The Packing WM-13 needs to be tightened or replaced. To tighten the Packing WM-13, remove the Handle Nut WM-14 and the Handle WM-07. Then use a 3/4″ wrench to slightly tighten the Packing Nut WM-10. Reassemble the parts and test by applying pressure to the spray gun. If repeated attempts to do this do not result in stopping the leak then the packing WM-13 needs to be replaced.

How do I replace the packing?

Remove the Handle Nut WM-14, Handle WM-07 and the Packing Nut WM-10. Remove the (2) Packing WM-13, clean the parts as best possible. Then install (2) new packing WM-13, reassemble the Packing Nut WM-10, tighten the packing nut appropriately, reassemble the Handle WM-07 and the Handle Nut WM-14 and test by applying pressure to the spray gun.

I have an old Windmaster Spray Gun. Can I still purchase parts that will fit my spray gun?

Very likely. Sometimes due to age, use or corrosion, the old and new parts do not fit together perfectly. Windmaster Spray Guns are still being manufactured with the same quality components that have been used successfully for many years. Improvements have been made to enhance the durability and appearance of the Windmaster Spray Guns, like Stainless Steel Tubes as an option, and Anodized finishes on the aluminum parts, as an upgrade to the aluminum spray guns.

I want to replace the parts on my Windmaster Spray Gun that normally wear out. What do I need to purchase?

You can purchase Repair Kit WM-21. It comes with the following parts: (1) new Shut Off Screw WM-11, (1) new Shut Off Seal WM-12, (2) new Packing WM-13 and (1) WM-20 Washer/Gasket.

I want to add the Extension Nozzle Assembly WM-22 to my current Windmaster Spray Gun. What do I need to purchase?

You can purchase the Extension Nozzle Assembly WM-22. It includes (1) Extension Cone WM-17, (1) Extension Tube WM-18 and (1) Extension Nozzle WM-19XX. (Please choose the size of the nozzle hole by using the Flow Rate and Distance Chart to fit the nozzle to your particular needs)

What does the “XX” on the end of the orifice and nozzle part number refer to?

The “XX” refers to the hole size in the orifice or nozzle. The last (2) digits in the part number equal the hole diameter in 1/64” increments. For instance Orifice WM-1503 = 3/64” diameter and WM-1507 = 7/64” diameter. The same system applies to the Nozzle WM-1908 equals 8/64” or 1/8” diameter and WM-1915 = 15/64” diameter.

What size orifice or nozzle do I need for my application?

The size of the orifice or nozzle you need is directly controlled by the material being sprayed and the pressure you are spraying. Please refer to the Info page and check the “Flow rate & distance chart”, on the Info web page, to get a starting point. These figures will give you the basis to choose your orifice or nozzle. If you would like to make sure you are covered for multiple spraying situations we can provide kits with each size of the orifice or nozzle so that you can be ready for any spraying situation.

I am not sure what size orifice or nozzle I need for my spraying project. Can you make a suggestion?

There are kits that provide all of the sizes of Orifice WM-23 or Nozzle WM-24. With those kits you will have the full coverage that the Windmaster Spray Gun is capable of providing.

I have an older spray gun that is in need of repair? Will the parts, you offer, fit my Windmaster Spray Gun?

We continue to offer parts that fit older models of Windmaster Spray Guns. We are making changes periodically to the parts to upgrade and modernize the Windmaster Spray Gun product line, but we are making sure that you and your investment in Windmaster Spray Guns are supported with the finest parts possible for repairs and refurbishing.

The WM-03 Head appears to be different from the one on my spray gun. Will it fit my Windmaster Spray Gun? 

We have designed and produced a new WM-03 Head to simplify manufacturing and upgrade the quality and consistency of the part. It is fully machined out of a solid blank and takes the place of the previous cast part and will fit your existing Windmaster Spray Gun. It produces more flow with less turbulence than the previous part.

What pressure is my Windmaster Spray Gun rated for?

Windmaster Spray Guns are tested at the factory at maximum 900 lbs. pressure for leak testing.

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